We are craftsmen.

Artisans creating objects of beauty and luxury.

We are second generation stone artisans. Our skills have been passed from father to son throughout the years to develop works which make life more enriched and enjoyable. Our clients appreciate the pleasure and beauty that our work brings them and those who look at them. These treasures are made by our hands,with heart and soul.


More than 45 years have passed since the Califano family started to work with marble, granite and stone.This perpetuated an obsession to use our emotions and desires to create art from natural materials using a single skilled instrument; our hands.

Objects of great artistic value and works of high craftsmanship, our creations enrich and cause a unique thrill in every single person who comes into contact with fine classical ARCA MOSAICO s objects creates a bond that will last life times ... from generation to generation ... forever..


It was in 1965 that Gianfranco Califano, at a young age, touched his first piece of marble and then begin to specialize in the manufacturing of coatings and floors (in Italy). Many churches, private homes and institutions are testimonies to the work of Gianfranco, all skillfully highlighting the details and allure of natural stone. Italy, France and Romania have been fortunate to have encountered the work and spirit of Maestro Gianfranco.

From the age of eight, Patrik spent the summer holidays (in Italy) in the yard where his father, Gianfranco, worked on marble, granite and mosaic floorings. This began Patrik’s training of the techniques for processing natural stone.

After graduatig from the Fine Arts school in Timisoara, Roamania, Patrik developed a vision that merged his years at art school with his hands-on experience working along side his father. This vision became ARCA MOSAICO.

ARCA MOSAICO has for years created unique art and beauty by its achievements in natural stone. The experimenting with stone and materials, such as metal, glass and wood, combined together help make every home elegant, luxurious and unique.

Semiprecious objects made with materials used in atelierARCA MOSAICO bring about their unique collections. Materials such as amethyst, jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli, and crystal are stones that seem to touch the soul of those who speak of them, projecting an image that is transformed from a design to a creation stirring deep emotions.

This is what we do in atelier ARCA MOSAICO. We create works that transmit unique emotions ...

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If you have a store with luxury product or you are a designer you have the opportunity to bond with ARCA MOSAICO a solid partnership for your next projects.

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